The Price of a Word

My Dad and I were playing the “quote ” game. I would say a quote and he would guess who said it. “Four score and seven years ago our Father’s set forth a new nation” Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address–of course. “As God is my witness, I’ll never go hungry again!” Scarlett O’Hara,  Gone With the Wind…one […]

Heavenly Sunshine

The last few weeks I have woke up in a gloom, the grey weather, MyMan traveling, losing my phone, MayBaby talking non-stop about her birthday and summer camp, JoBird getting strep throat, breaking the screen on my Ipod, dirty windows, a messy house, backing into the landscaper’s truck and, and, and… Today the sun came […]

At The Intersection

For 22 years I have been stopping at this intersection, deciding to turn left or right depending on where my day is taking me. I have watched changes take place at the lot across from the intersection. Twenty-two years ago there was an old farm-house, probably one of the first houses built in the area. It wasn’t much of […]

Hiking With My Father

My Father was a hiker sometimes for a day many days sometimes. Forests…….Waterfalls………Lakes……..Streams always secluded…… the beaten path………seldom where others hiked quiet……peaceful…….serene. My Father is a storyteller a humorist a teacher. He knows the flower of the color the tree of the leaf the bird of the song He knows the Creator of all He […]