So…What are You Doing Again?

My Jobird has begun her own blog. Telling stories comes natural to her, writing is another story —but when you write about the things that matter most to you–miracles can happen and beautiful words can flow ..keep writing Jobird we are all looking forward to hearing about your adventures!! (…and some of us are living […]

Heavenly Sunshine

The last few weeks I have woke up in a gloom, the grey weather, MyMan traveling, losing my phone, MayBaby talking non-stop about her birthday and summer camp, JoBird getting strep throat, breaking the screen on my Ipod, dirty windows, a messy house, backing into the landscaper’s truck and, and, and… Today the sun came […]

At The Intersection

For 22 years I have been stopping at this intersection, deciding to turn left or right depending on where my day is taking me. I have watched changes take place at the lot across from the intersection. Twenty-two years ago there was an old farm-house, probably one of the first houses built in the area. It wasn’t much of […]

Hiking With My Father

My Father was a hiker sometimes for a day many days sometimes. Forests…….Waterfalls………Lakes……..Streams always secluded…… the beaten path………seldom where others hiked quiet……peaceful…….serene. My Father is a storyteller a humorist a teacher. He knows the flower of the color the tree of the leaf the bird of the song He knows the Creator of all He […]