” I just  love Jesus and I love people” my daughter JoBird told her friend that when asked if she was religious. She summed it all up with 8 words!

4 of my most loved people are:

MyMan, we have been married nearly 9 years, it is a beautiful love story…for another day.

MyBoy, first born and experimental child  is a kind, tender-hearted man  living in Portland. Just tonight one of JoBirds friend’s said he looked like Heath Ledger–and he does.

My MayBaby, she was our planned baby, but what we didn’t plan was her Down’s Syndrome, she is a blessing!

JoBird, my gift to make me smile!

My life is peppered with pain, salted with love, seasoned with blessings, and in the spirit of George Bailey, “I am the richest woman in town”.

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