Falling From the Tree

I am a storyteller. I write them in my head, I write them when I’m awake, I write them in my sleep. I write them as I drive, cook, clean and most often when I walk the dog. Then when my mind is full of characters that are pounding on my frontal lobe to “get out” I write them down, usually in the form of a play, a blog, and occasionally a short story.

But I am not unique in my family— I remember my Grandma Hanes telling me how my Grandfather (whom I never met) would tell stories, sometimes writing them down for the children to read. I have found poems my Grandma Grayce wrote. But the most influential is my Father–a great storyteller. These past 10 years or so he has been writing his stories down. Just this Monday my mother sent us girls the follow memory our Father wrote.  It must be shared!


“Rise and shine, it’s a beautiful day in Oregon,”  BE QUIET DAD, I’M GETTING UP!!! Was usually the responds I got. Every morning when it was time for the girls to get up I would open the bedroom door and announce the commencement of a new day. Very seldom was this revelry met with a warm friendly response.

This tradition started in our family when our first child Cindy was born and she was at the age when she could get up on her own. Her usual responds to my invitation to getting up was her putting her head under her pillow and inviting me to “quiet” and depart her room. As each child came along they were all met with the same morning invitation.

My greeting would vary as I would be inspired with creative salutation at day break, i.e., “Rise and shine, it’s a beautiful day in Oregon (even when it was cloudy and rainy) the birds are singing, the flowers are flowering, We will face new and exciting challenges which with enthusiasm and determination we can overcome and change the world.” I very seldom got this far before my warm greeting was shouted down and something was thrown at me.

I don’t know if I ever repeated the same salutation, sometimes it was, “Rise and shine, my little cherubs, the opportunities that await us will mold us into beautiful people.”

“Rise and shine, my little chick-a-dees, what warm memories we will have at the day’s end of the exciting experience that awaits us,” I think you get the drift.

This article was inspired by Mom when she decided to post on face book.  “It’s a beautiful day in Oregon. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and God is good. Have a blessed day. ” Our granddaughter, Zoe, responded, “Rise and shine my little Cherubs!!  I can hear papa saying that to me when he wakes me up!!! All of it!”

Another family tradition gone in the past as I am now 81 and my daughters have had children and some of my grandchildren have had children.

Oh, what fun memories!

Dad, grandpa (Papa), great-grandpa (Poppy)

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