Simply Musing

I have named my blog “Momma C’s Pearls” Simply Musing. Hmmm this title implies I have words of wisdom, that is a tall order to live up to.

I have been questioning myself, the past six months; “Who am I to think I have something to wise to say?”  “What if others find my words offense?” “What if I’m proved wrong?” “There is so much to read, how can there be room for one more blog?”

…but I can’t stop pondering on my quiet walks, sitting at my kitchen table, in the shower; I keep thinking, comprising, wondering,….musing….

                    1.  a period of reflection or thought, contemplation
I have several “periods” through out the day when I am musing, then I am interrupted by real life and responsibilities. The “pearl” has gone missing , no where to be found, lost in the gray matter.
…and I think…  that “pearl” may have touched, moved or inspired someone.
…it’s safe for me to  think I could have inspired someone when I can’t remember what the inspiration was.
I am off the hook.
I do not have to share.
and yet…
I feel a void, a restlessness that those musings should have been shared, if for no other reason than to cause another to muse, pondering or think.
 … oh what a crazy set of  pearls I string.
           1.  to gaze thoughtfully, meditatively or wonderingly

…as I sit here…umm musing over the  definition in adjective form, I think back to my high school  years, when between classes I would hear the calls of “Spaaaccce Ghooossst” floating through the air in my direction.

I was your typical 1980’s airhead, so  it seemed, but now I know I was a  muser (that would be the noun for someone who muses)! It was more than daydreaming, or spacing off; it  was “gazing thoughtfully, wonderingly, meditatively”.

..but alas it was my blurting out of those ideas or the question I pondered silently that suddenly would burst forth before I could sensor and determine ‘that one should be left unspoken’ that secured my nick-name of Space Ghost all through high school.

…or was it…

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/f10/45277963/files/2015/01/img_1897.jpg  Bigfork Eagle 1980

the add my parents placed in the local newspaper…

Whatever the case may be, I am empowered  by the word musing.

I can once again speak the questions that have remained silent, search for thoughts that have been hidden in my mind and restringing my pearls of wisdom, so they may have the freedom to touch, move and inspire those who may stumble across my musings.


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