Best Thank you Card Ever!

Best Thank-you Card Ever

After a visit to see my family I received this from my 5 year old Great Nephew:

I’m Isaiah,

To Aunt Cerie the bomb.

I love you Aunt Cerie.

Can I come to your house soon.

I had fun with you.

I liked Toy Story  two and going on walks with you.

My favorite walk was when we went to our Secret Garden in the compost.

I had fun sleeping with you.

I liked the puppy pop up book, the froggy pop up book and the peeking under the bushes book.

I feel bad that I left you. I love you again.

I had fun with you at my house.

bye Aunt Cerie I am hanging up now.

Love Isaiah

to: Aunt Cerie

PS You have a nice name.

Best Thank-you Card Ever



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