Heavenly Sunshine

View from my town. Climb, Climb up Sunshine Mountain

View from my town.
Climb, Climb up Sunshine Mountain

The last few weeks I have woke up in a gloom, the grey weather, MyMan traveling, losing my phone, MayBaby talking non-stop about her birthday and summer camp, JoBird getting strep throat, breaking the screen on my Ipod, dirty windows, a messy house, backing into the landscaper’s truck and, and, and…

Today the sun came streaming in the window, and it was easy to begin praising Jesus!

When I was a kid in Sunday School we sang two little choruses: “Climb, Climb up Sunshine Mountain” and “Heavenly Sunshine.” Not really theologically or Biblically sound songs ..but when the sun shines like today after so many months of grey weather, and my mood and spirit just rejoice from the moment my feet hit the floor and I feel ready to take on the world (or my back yard project), I realized that the song is reminding me—I don’t have to wait for the physical sun to wake me up rejoicing—I can put my sights on the “Heavenly Sunshine”.

I can be so sappy at times but..to tell the truth this is just how I want to wake up every morning!!

“Heavenly Sunshine, Heavenly Sunshine

Flooding my soul with Glory divine.

Heavnely Sunshine, Heavenly Sunshine

Hallelujah, Jesus is mine.”


3 thoughts on “Heavenly Sunshine

  1. I am enjoying much the same view, too, here in WA. LOVELY sunshine! Easily makes you forget the gloom we live through in the rainy, gray season.

  2. Sappy? “Unless we change and become as little children we will never enter the kingdom of heaven” Matt 18:3 Keep singing Weebee – – “Climb, climb up sunshine mountain, heavenly breezes blow, climb, climb up sunshine mountain, faces all aglow, turn turn from sin and sorrow, look to God above…..”

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