Small Stuff

One morning I was standing at the island in my kitchen doing what I do each morning, making breakfast, putting the dishes away, preparing my husband’s lunch and it felt so small, so insignificant, so I called out;
“I should be teaching! I have my teaching degree, I love children, children love me, I should have a classroom of children to teach, I could make the difference in so many children’s lives! But here I am a stay-at-home mom homeschooling. “An inaudible voice answered: “Be great in the small stuff; tend to your classroom of one.”
“But I have a Special Ed degree, I could be helping the most needy in society!” “Be great in the small stuff; teach the one I given you to become a loving contributing adult in her community.”
“But you gave me a love for the theatre. I love directing plays, writing plays, watching children blossom with confidence. I could have a drama program, plays published and a theatre of my own.” “Be great in the small stuff; give the children at Sunday School the confidence and the voice they need to share My love for others.”
“I have a story to tell, one that will encourage, lift others up, give them hope. I should be traveling around the world speaking at Women’s retreats, conferences and conventions.” “Be great in the small stuff, be faithful and share MY story with the women who meet in your livingroom each week.”
“I want to write, I have stories, and novels just waiting to burst out of me. I should have a place where I can spend hours creating stories for the masses to read.” “Be great in the small stuff; write what I lay on your heart for the people I lead to read your thoughts and your stories.”

So I focused on the small stuff. The everyday tasks that had seemed so small began feeling important. I found joy in cooking for my family, teaching my girls to vacuum, and cook for themselves. Editing papers and teaching one to drive. Watching a little one so his mother could teach. Ironing shirts, making baby quilts, teaching teenagers to lead a weekly chapel , writing  plays for a theatre class, traveling to a small town telling my story.

As I began to find joy in the small stuff, I realized none of it was ever small, I had just been small in the great stuff.


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