Consider the Lily

My baby turned 18 today. Oh, such a bitter-sweet day. I remember the day her dad and I decided we would set aside our fears and let nature and God take their course.

We had 3 babies before her. My Boy came a little earlier than we planned. He arrived the day of college finals, 8 AM. Dad was there long enough to cut the cord give him a kiss and make his first final by 10 AM.  We planned the next baby. I declared, “Tonight’s the night” and it was. Nine months later the baby we planned surprised us, MayBaby was born with Down’s Syndrome. Our next little angel was only with us for 10 hours. When she breathed her last breath, I did not think my heart would ever heal enough to have one more baby.

My heart healed. I was pregnant again. There were moments of complete joy, then unexpected moments of fear. On a good day I had complete faith the Lord would bless me with a healthy and whole baby, on a faithless day I would curl up and cry.

And on that day I read: “Do not worry, consider the lilies how they grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet Solomon in all his splendor was not dressed as beautiful as one of these. Luke 12:27.

I clung to this verse as a promise. I declared my little girl would be named Lily. When I became overwhelmed with worry and fear I would recite my verse, claim my promise and rest at ease that my little one would be whole.

February 24th I smiled! I was holding my precious flower, my Lily Jo.

swim suit model.jpgLily's Stuff 360

I am still smiling! I love that girl!


7 thoughts on “Consider the Lily

  1. You are blessed dear friend of my daughter. Thank you for sharing. Happy Birthday to Lily. And a blessed day to you, her mother.

  2. I usually check out the bloggers that like my posts. It’s always fun to see what kind of people the different stories attract. I was half-way through your post about Lily when I realized that I actually know you. I had read your shower blogger post and had no idea who Momma C was. Hope you’re enjoying you’re blog and loving on your family. My dad keeps me posted on the comings and goings. Blessings to you.

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