Sounds In My Night

I lay in bed awake–desperately seeking sleep.

In the distance I hear a train, the whistle blows, the wheels click along the tracks. I cannot say where the train is coming from or which way it is  going. The sounds of the train fade in the night ….

Just outside my window, I hear the rain pinging in the gutters. With each drop I am reminded I am safe and warm in my beautiful home, in my warm bed.

I hear the quiet footsteps of a teen quietly walking down the hall. She should have been asleep hours ago. She has been distracted by You-tube, Facebook, or perhaps Skyping her boyfriend.

The toilet is now filling with water, as she tip-toes back to her room, never aware she’s been heard.

As her door shuts with a gentle click, a soft muffled sound begins next to me. It slowly  works into a rumble. My man is snoring.

While I lay listening, I am comforted by the sounds of my town, of my yard, of my house, of my love……  of my night.


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