My ! Friend

I like to think about my friends. I like to talk to them too, but today I am thinking about them. I think they are like punctuation marks.

I have a friend, she is like a  (.) period. She states it like it is and period, that’s it.

I have a friend who is like a (,) comma. She is funny, serious, consistent, steady, adventurous, my BFF.

I have a friend who is a (?) question mark. I come up with an idea, and she questions it. She makes me think.

I have a friend who is an (!) exclamation mark. When I am with her she turns the ordinary into extraordinary.

When I first met my Exclamation Mark, I felt a little intimidated, I think most women did when they met her. Her house was spotless, decorated  with beautiful accessories, my house looked like a flea market. She insisted I teach her to garage sale .At a young age her daughter was introduced to Mozart and classical music  my son was introduced to Hulk Hogan and the World Wrestling Federation. My Exclamation Mark wanted her daughter to experience “this cultural phenomenon” and promptly bought her the “proper attire” to watch WWF. At tea parties she would bring the pinafores and crumpets I would bring  PB&J  that I hacked to pieces with a dull butter knife and she would say “What lovely finger sandwiches.” And when my Exclamation Mark threw my baby shower for  MayBaby, no detail was left out, there were details that I didn’t even know existed. On that day I no longer felt intimidated by the beauty she added with her touch, I felt honored that I was on the receiving end of something so beautifully detailed.

Now that our friendship has spanned 25 years I have come to realize it’s not just beauty she creates it’s the time she is willing to spend to create that beauty. It is a silent message that says, I care about you. And I too care about my Exclamation Mark. She is  not just my friend she is  Mon Ami!


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