As Walt used to say…

As Walt used to say...

I have been a blogger now for several years. My blogs have inspired, brought about tears, evoked laughter, caused one to ponder the only problem is I had one follower …,me. Yep, I was a shower blogger.

I constructed complete stories on inspiration, human drama, touching epilogues..that never left my brian. I woud tell my self. “I will blog someday, someone will find what I have to say amusing and maybe a tad bit entertaining. ” Day after day (unless I forgot to shower) the same line would pass my mind and echo through my ears, “I will blog someday… someday.. someday………someday.”

Today is the day! Today I take the challenge that has been on my quote board for months “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”.

My showers maybe be a bit quieter now…but maybe, just maybe I’ll move from being a talker to a doer.


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